When Should I Use Bubble Bags?

When Should I Use Bubble Bags?

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When shipping your products to consumers, especially small and delicate items, they must be properly insulated and contained to prevent damage. There are many ways that your products can be damaged during shipping. Crushing and vibrational damage, for example, are just a couple of them, so choosing the right packing materials is essential. 

One very popular packing material, that many businesses and merchants use to prevent damage to their products, is bubble bags.  

Bubble bags have a wide variety of uses including cushioning fragile items, preventing surface damage, providing temperature insulation, and reducing shipping costs due to low weight. However, many shippers do not know when to use bubble bags for the best results. This blog has the answer.  

In this post, we will discuss what bubble bags are used for, how to choose the right bubble bag, and some factors to consider about 3/16-inch bubble bags.  

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What are Bubble Bags Used For? 


One of the most common uses of bubble bags is shipping products. These bags provide excellent protection for delicate items, ensuring that they arrive at their destination in perfect condition. The cushioning effect of the bubbles helps absorb shocks and prevent any damage during transit. 

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In addition to the protective function, bubble bags also contribute to keeping orders organized. They can be used to separate and categorize small parts within a package, making it easier for the recipient to identify and access specific items. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that deal with numerous small components or parts.

Another advantage of using bubble bags for shipping purposes is the quick and hassle-free process. These bags are lightweight and easy to handle, which makes packing and unpacking a breeze. The bubbles also serve as a convenient way to fill empty spaces within the box, reducing the risk of contents shifting during transportation. 

In the next section, we will look at how you can choose the right bubble bag for your shipping needs.  


Choosing the Right Bubble Bag for Your Needs 


With a wide range of bubble bags available, it is crucial to consider factors such as size, material, and strength to determine the most suitable option. From fragile and delicate items to larger and more robust ones, understanding your specific needs will help in making an informed decision.  

Below we have detailed some factors to consider so you can find the right bubble bag for you.  


Factors to Consider when Selecting a Bubble Bag 


When selecting a bubble bag, you should always consider the following two factors. 

  1. What is the bag's purpose? Bubble bags can be used for various shipping purposes. Bubble bags provide excellent protection for items during transit, reducing the risk of damage.

  2. Will you ship one item or multiple? One of the benefits of using bubble bags for shipping is that they allow for shipping multiple items together. By placing multiple items in one bag, you can save on packaging materials and reduce shipping costs. Bubble bags provide cushioning and protection for each item, preventing them from scratching or damaging each other during transit. 

AM Shipping Supplies offers bubble bags made with 3/16-inch bubbles in ten different varieties. Once you have answered the two questions above, move on to the next section, where we discuss various length and closure options.  


3/16 Inch Bubble Pouches 


3/16 Inch Bubble Pouches offer exceptional protection for your items during shipping. The bubble pouches are specifically designed with a 3/16-inch bubble size, which ensures maximum cushioning to prevent damage or breakage. These pouches are a must-have for anyone who wants to safely ship fragile or delicate items. 

AM Shipping Supplies offers ten different varieties of 3/16-inch bubble pouches.  

Width (in)  Length (in)  Closure  Price 
8 18 1/2 in. Lip  $0.28 
11 1/2  1 in. Lip with Tape  $0.26 
12  23 1/2  1 in. Lip with Tape  $0.63 
15  17 1/2  1 in. Lip with Tape  $0.64 
19  38  1 in. Lip  $1.23 
19 1/2  22  4 in. Lip with Tape  $0.95 
24  30  Flush Cut  $1.23 
25  24  Flush Cut  $1.18 
26  32  1 in. Lip  $1.64 
32  32  2 1/2 in. Lip with Tape  $2.01 

We offer bubble bags ranging in width from 8 to 32 inches and lengths from 18 to 32 inches. In addition, we offer multiple varieties of closures including 1/2-inch lips, 1-inch lips, 1-inch lips with tape, 4-inch lips with tape, flush cut, and 2 1/2-inch lips with tape.  

The 3/16-inch bubble pouches are ideal for a wide range of items, including electronics, glassware, ceramics, jewelry, and more. The bubbles act as a protective barrier, absorbing shock and impact to prevent any damage to your valuable items. The lightweight and flexible nature of these pouches makes them easy to pack, reducing the overall weight and thereby the shipping costs. 

When it comes to shipping fragile items, you cannot compromise on protection. That is why opting for 3/16 Inch Bubble Pouches is the smart choice. These pouches offer reliable and effective protection against any potential damage during transit. Whether you are an individual shipping a single item or a business shipping bulk quantities, these bubble pouches are the perfect solution to safeguard your items. 

Choosing the perfect box is just as important as any other packaging material. Check out this guide on choosing the right box size every time! 

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Bubble Bags You Need from AM Shipping Supplies 


Bubble bags are one of the best and most popular packing materials you can use to safely and securely ship your items to consumers. They cushion and insulate your goods and provide surface protection from scratches and residue.  

AM Shipping Supplies offers ten distinct 3/16-inch bubble bag options to address your needs. Our bubble bags come with a variety of lip closure options to ensure your goods and products are always secure during delivery.  

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