How to Choose the Right Packaging Materials for Heavy Items

How to Choose the Right Packaging Materials for Heavy Items

October 16, 2023  |  Packaging Materials, Shipping Material
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How to Choose the Right Packaging Materials for Heavy Items 

Choosing the right packaging materials for heavy items is crucial when it comes to shipping your items safely and securely. Whether you are shipping retail products, fragile items, or heavy products, using the appropriate packaging materials makes all the difference. The right packaging materials ensure that your items arrive at their destination intact. 

When heavy items are not properly packaged, they can easily become damaged during transit, or they can damage other items. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction, increased shipping costs, and potential loss of revenue.  

To avoid any mishaps, it is important to consider the level of protection needed for your heavy items. Using strong and sturdy packaging materials provides necessary support and protection during the shipping process. 

In this blog, we will cover how you can choose the right packaging materials for your heavy items. We will cover topics including strength and durability, cushioning and padding, inner packaging, and more. 

Your Guide to Packaging for Heavy Items 

Choosing the right packaging for your heavy items is important. It ensures you stay within your budget and consistently ship items on time. Reliable shipping keeps your customers satisfied and fortifies your reputation.

Here are some things you need to consider when shipping heavy items. 


Strength and Durability 

When it comes to packaging heavy items, one of the most important factors to consider is the strength and durability of the packaging materials. Choosing materials that can withstand stress and pressure is crucial to ensure that your products arrive safely. 

Corrugated packaging is known for its strength and durability, making it an excellent option for heavy products. It can support substantial loads without puncturing or tearing, providing the necessary protection during transit. Corrugated cardboard is also widely available and comes in a variety of sizes, allowing you to select the most suitable option for your needs. 


Cushioning and Padding 

When shipping heavy items, proper cushioning is essential for safe delivery. Heavy items exert significant amounts of downward pressure and high-quality cushioning and padding can prevent these objects from destroying their packaging or sustaining damage during the shipping process. 

When shipping heavy items, be sure to use ample cushioning materials like bubble wrap, foam padding, or packing peanuts to protect your items from impact and vibration during transit.  

Keep in mind, not all cushioning and padding materials are right for every application. For example, bubble wrap, one of the most popular cushioning materials, needs to be selected carefully. For heavy objects, you will need to select bubble wrap with smaller bubbles, as these will be more protective and durable than with larger bubbles.  

Remember, controlling movement during shipping is what matters when it comes to protecting your heavy items in transit. To do this, you must fill the space around the object with high-quality cushioning materials that provide sufficient shock absorption to prevent damage.  


Here are some products from AM Shipping Supplies you might consider: 

Pad Loc Cushioning Pads. Versatile bags prefilled with peanuts that you can use for numerous applications offer a cleaner, less messy alternative to loose peanuts. 


2 mil Plastic Poly Bags. Economical, safe, and effective plastic bags that are appropriate for food shipping.  


4 mil Plastic Poly Bags. Industrial strength bags, perfect for heavy products. The extra thickness makes them more effective against sharp edges.  


Interior Wrapping 

Interior wrapping for heavy objects is just as important. Interior materials, like Kraft packing paper or bubble wrap, are wrapped around the product before it is placed in the shipping container for maximum protection.  

This is especially useful for fragile or delicate components that are more likely to be broken during shipping. Controlling the movement of these components is essential and inner wrapping is one of the best ways to ensure these sensitive and valuable pieces remain in place. 


Box Selection 

Heavy objects require boxes that are up to the task of supporting and containing your objects. This is especially true for delicate and heavy objects, like car parts. Choosing packaging that is appropriately sized for your product will keep it secure and prevent undue damage from handling during the shipping process.  

For heavier, smaller items, the Indestructo Box is sturdy and versatile and can stand up to the rigors of long-distance shipping. These heavy-duty mailing boxes are made from white corrugated cardboard, can be stored flat to save space, and requires no tape or glue for assembly. 



Sealing your packages is one of the most important, yet overlooked, parts of shipping procedures. High-quality, dependable packaging tape keeps your shipping materials secure and contained. There are many different types of tape available but not every kind of tape is right for the job.  

For example, acrylic carton sealing tape provides an extremely strong bond that is pressure-sensitive. Filament strapping tape is reinforced with fiberglass for superior strength. Gummed paper tape provides an extremely strong bond activated by water and can tolerate extreme temperatures.    



Labeling is key for shipping heavy items as it clearly conveys valuable information for item handling including destination, return addresses, and handling instructions. Instructions such as "heavy" or "fragile" labels alert handlers to the content of the packaging so they can avoid making critical errors.  

Shipping and handling labels and thermal labels serve different purposes. Thermal labels are essential for packages that will face extreme conditions. Meanwhile, regular shipping and handling labels are right for more general purposes. 

In addition, you will need to choose between shipping tags with wires and shipping tags without wires. Choose tags with wires if you want to make attaching them to your products quicker and easier.  


Weight Distribution 

Weight distribution is another key factor to consider when packaging your items. Ensure that heavy items are centered within the packaging to distribute their weight evenly and minimize the risk of the box or crate collapsing or breaking.  

This is done through proper packing and bracing. But it starts with mindful packing procedures and careful warehouse handling.  

Your Shipping Needs Met at AM Shipping Supplies 

AM Shipping Supplies is here for you and your shipping needs. We offer superior shipping supplies that you can count on for consistency and complete customer satisfaction. 

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